Techie Thomas

So... I see you've come digging to find out more about me! How kind of you to dig in. I will say this... I'm just a guy who does things and likes to share stuff online. I'm not really that special, however, I am absolutely special.

My name is Thomas Smith. I'm a Techie Geek and a wantrepreneur.

What's a wantrepreneur, you might ask? Somebody who wants to be an entrepreneur... LOL. I really want to start my own biz, but I'm so ADD that I can't sit my butt down long enough to focus on a single idea long enough to make it work. I'm working on it & trying to find the right side-hustle that I can turn into a full-time gig. Until then, enjoy my antics and randomly shared experiences. Maybe one day I'll narrow down the content to something meaningful.

LinkedIn (My professional "homepage")

Facebook (Mostly personal pictures & antics shared w/ family)

Instagram (Mostly personal pictures & antics shared w/ family)

TikTok (Where I currently want to build an audience... Current Goal: 1,000 followers)